Awareness training for staff to meet HIPAA/HITECH guidelines

docsWith increased adoption of EHR systems by healthcare organizations, there is a growing need for highly trained personnel in Healthcare Information Technology (HIT). The competencies required to support HIT initiatives require personnel with specific understanding of health care considerations, in addition to a strong background in standard security fundamentals. Our HIPAA/HITECH Compliance Awareness Course is designed to ensure employees are familiar with policies and procedures required by law to maintain compliance with HIPAA/HITECH regulations; the course also covers IT user security best practices. 

icd-10 primary care family practice training

Online ICD-10 Implementation Training for Primary Care Practices

With conversion from ICD-9 to ICD-10 scheduled for October 1st, 2015, healthcare workers must know the updated guidelines in addition to specific adjustments pertaining to their branch of healthcare. EHR 2.0 offers online ICD-10 training for Primary Care Practices, with multiple tiers available, based on roles of different staff members.