Awareness and User Training

EHR implementation is a complex process and requires coordination of several stakeholders from across multiple disciplines (Administration, Physician, Nurse, OR staff, Finance, IT, Regulatory, etc). EHR implementation consists of different stages such as Review of Current Workflows, Design and Customization of EHR system, Testing and Implementation, and Training of the Hospital Staff.  Due to the lack of availability of best practices and standards of design, testing and training of EHR products, Organizations rely on EHR vendors and/or consultants to implement and train staff on EHR system, which can be costly and time consuming.

To assist Organizations successfully implement and train staff on EHR systems,  HIPAA/HITECH  security policy and procedures awareness training, EHR 2.0 has developed a flexible, comprehensive multi-medium Learning Platform to create and manage organizational-specific training and knowledge base.  EHR 2.0 training will reduce cost of staff training by assisting organizations continuously refine and streamline current practices and develop a unique and specific premier repository of current best practices and checklists for EHR implementation and training. In addition, federal auditors requirements list training of users as one of the major HIPAA/HITECH requirement. Our training program offers customized focus on areas of improvements, new technology/workflow and processes.