Webinar:Security Risk Analysis for Healthcare Providers

• Have you identified the e-PHI within your practice? This includes e-PHI that you create, receive, maintain or transmit?

• What are the external sources of e-PHI? For example, do vendors or consultants create, receive, maintain or transmit e-PHI?

• What are the human, natural, and environmental threats to information systems that contain e-PHI?

• Do you want to attest for an EHR incentive program by completing your security risk analysis?


The primary objective of this 90-minute webinar is to help organization identify the key vulnerabilities in ePHI and EHR systems by reviewing the steps required to complete the security risk analysis and successfully attest to Meaningful Use incentive program. In addition, one of the Meaningful Use (MU) core objectives for eligible professionals and hospitals is to conduct thorough technical risk analysis of EHR and ePHI systems.

Type: On-demand

Price: $49

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