Webinar: How to Improve Your Practice Efficiency and Quality of Services?

Rapid changes in healthcare market has threatened the very survival of small hospitals and physician groups. Though many benefits came with  the adoption of EHR, the industry is faced with decreasing reimbursements,  increasing regulation and shortage of qualified healthcare professionals, many small healthcare providers are contemplating merging with larger organizations or worse – shutting down.

EHR 2.0 is now providing consulting services to help providers and physician groups to improve the bottom-line through growth of top-line revenue, expanding the services offered, increasing staff productivity, quality ratings and adopting to technology innovations.

This free webinar is first in series of webinars which will deal with topics related to improving healthcare operation efficiency.  This  60-minute interactive webinar will focus on some common problems faced by healthcare organizations and present some solutions to these problems.

Topics covered:

  • Reasons why healthcare cost is so high
  • Value based purchasing
  • The healthcare law – Obama care
  • High quality services at low cost
  • Practice flow changes that leads to increased efficiency
  • Case studies

Duration:  60-minutes (approximate)

Speaker: Rahul Ghotge, MD, M.S


Rahul Ghotge, MD, M.S currently works with a multi-million a year rural hospital with 57 acute care beds, 60 long term care beds, and 4 clinics. Having a broad experience, from surgery room to IT server rooms, Rahul understands  the working of the healthcare industry in depth. He acts as a bridge between strategy, IT technology and operations teams.  His passion for improving operational efficiency in the healthcare organization, both big and small, has delivered  many outstanding results including higher patient satisfaction and reduced expense.

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 EHR2.0 has acted as our trusted custodians of HIPAA security practice in Washington County Regional Medical Center. For a CIO with limited resources, the team has outlived our expectations with their knowledge of today’s HIPAA terrain & compliance. They have a well thought out assessment and compliance framework that is a boon to today’s provider environment. In addition, they continue to brief us through the regular webinars. I see them as a core part of my team.- Anna R, CIO

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