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How to Prepare for an OCR/HHS HIPAA/HITECH Audit

– Are you prepared for the ongoing federal audit by OCR/HHS auditors?
– Do you maintain adequate documentation to prove HIPAA/HITECH security rules are met?
– Is your risk analysis and mitigation plan updated?

Among other things, the HITECH Act significantly strengthened HIPAA enforcement activities. In addition to increasing penalties, allowing enforcement by state attorneys general, requiring notices of breaches, and making business associates directly subject to penalties, the HITECH Act mandated that Office for Civil Rights of HHS conduct HIPAA audits. This 50-minute webinar will focus on preparation required by healthcare organizations to prepare for an OCR/HHS audit by regulators.

Featured Speaker
Daniel B. Scott | SCOTT LAW LLC
484.437.1546 | dscott@scottlaw-llc.com

Duration : 60 mins
Price: Free

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