Challenges surrounding adoption of Health Information Exchange(HIE)

Recent federal programs to support the adoption of health information exchange (HIE) across healthcare systems in order to improve quality of healthcare and reduce cost of healthcare has created a lot of buzz. Lessons learned from these experiences have revealed barriers and challenges beyond those associated with technology. Without new strategies, the current support and methods of facilitating HIE may not improve the adoption. There are several key questions raised by the stakeholders:

What do we have to gain by exchanging this information?
What do we have to loose by not joining the HIE network?
What role can new payment models have on influencing the implementation of HIEs?
What are the costs and benefits of HIE?

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Featured speaker:


 Jeffrey D. Miller,  Managing Director, Versum Ventures, LLC

Jeffrey D. Miller is the founder and managing partner for Versum Ventures, LLC, where he focuses his consulting activities around the   identification and development of transformation strategies and the creation of new companies in the health and information technology industries. Mr. Miller brings more than thirty years experience in strategic planning, product development, and operational process improvement in the healthcare, manufacturing, and technology industries to NC HIE. Most recently, he has focused on the development of information technologies to support personalized medicine, the definition of service delivery models for emerging markets, and the creation of utility models to support cloud-based electronic medical records. Read more>>

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