Looking for a change? We have multiple job openings

Are you ready to make a major investment in your career? We are looking to fill several job positions for an EMR conversion project in Kentucky.
If you find your expertise fit in any of the following roles, Please submit your resume along with a cover letter.

  1. Clinical Analysts(Builder/Trainer/Implementation/Support & Maintenance): This resources will supplement in-house clinical staff.  Functions these resources will perform include, but not limited to, forms management, BCMA and pharmacy (ePrescribing) build and maintenance, change request management.
  2. Business Analysts(Builder/Trainer/Implementation/Support & Maintenance): This resources will supplement the finance staff already identified as super users.  Functions this resource will perform include, but not limited to, insight build, test, implementation, reports tracking and manage room occupancy.
  3. Programmers (Builder/Trainer/Implementation/Support & Maintenance): This resource will be responsible for design, build, as well as post-implementation management and support of several systems interfaces. SSRS and MUMPS knowledge preferred – training will be offered.
  4. Database Administrators(Builder/Trainer/Implementation/Support & Maintenance): Oracle knowledge required
  5. Applications Managers(Training/Implementation/Support & Maintenance) This resource will be responsible for tracking and managing different software applications that are being added to the infrastructure.
  6. System and Network Administrators (Training/Implementation/Support & Maintenance): This resource will be responsible for building, testing, implementing and maintaining the new system and the users.
  7. IT System Technicians (Training/Implementation/Support & Maintenance): This resources will be responsible for handling changes during the new system implementation. The job roles will include, but not limited to, providing floating desktop support and especially during testing, go-live, post-implementation support, and updates/maintenance.EHR JOBS
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