60 Minutes to Social Media Success

60 minute to social media success

  The first objection many healthcare practioners give about participating in social media is lack of time. We won’t kid you; social media can be  time consuming. But the reality is your patients, employees and business associates are finding time for social media so how long do you plan to  hold out? Don’t worry, time management skills apply to social media too. Having a strategy for which social media platforms make sense for you  to use and how often you will post content will take the time pressure off. Training your team to monitor and manage daily activity will free you  to create the content that will establish your reputation and start to give you credibility outside your current sphere of influence. One thing many people don’t realize about social media is one well written blog post can be re-purposed into a wide variety of content for other  social media platforms. Excerpts from the blog can be turned into shorter content and interesting visuals for social platforms such as Facebook,  Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn. For instance; take a blog post titled “5 Tips for Preventing Skin Cancer This Summer.” The blog post would cover the medical implications of sunburn at an early age for children and the statistics that relate a severe sunburn to future cancer risk. It might include advice on sunscreen (“Is sunscreen over 50 SPF necessary?”) and clothing and hat choices. The blog post could be 500 to 800 words. From that blog post you could create:

  • 5 Facebook posts (Sunscreen SPF recommendation, Babies & sunscreen tips, Bad burn correlation stat, Fun sun hats for kids, Treatment options, etc)
  • 5 Pinterest posts (Think products: Sun Hats, Sun Shirts, Beach umbrellas, etc. Plus recipes for hydrating summer drinks)
  • 15 Twitter posts ( all of the above leading back to the blog, Pinterest, Facebook)

sun-screen   See how the core topic can be expanded? You might be concerned that you are not the creative type but I bet your office team is. Make the weekly blog post a collaborative effort. Post your topic in the break room the week before and ask your team for suggestions under each social media platform you use. I bet you’ll find more ideas than you can handle and great ideas for future blog posts! Remember, you don’t need to be in all those platforms to be successful in social media. A little research to discover where your patients are spending their social time and you can focus your energy in one or two platforms. It is better to master the platforms that are truly relevant to your practice and do them well than try to do a little bit everywhere. You can focus only on a blog but if your patients are more active in other platforms, why not reach out to where they are. Calling on your socially savvy team members to help with creating and posting will build morale and get them more engaged as well. How does the time break down?

  • 5 minutes to post 2-3 blog topics
  • 5 minutes to collect the ideas 3 days later
  • 30 minutes to write the blog post. 500-800 words is not very long and once you start writing you’ll probably have to edit down or break the topic into multiple posts.
  • 10 minutes to delegate creation of your other platform posts to your team
  • 10 minutes to respond to previous comments

Once you take the task and break it down and share responsibility you’ll find that 60 minutes a week developing strong content can really make a difference to your practice. EHR2.0 Adds Social Media Services for Healthcare Over the past year EHR 2.0 has been offering a wide variety of webinars on social media for healthcare. Topics presented included developing a social media policy, employee training and best practices for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. The programs have been so well received that we are joining with our social media partner, Get Social Health in launching a suite of social media services to serve our clients. Whether your needs are educational, content generation or full managed services, EHR2.0 is here to help you make an impact in social media. Through our partnership we will be providing the following services:

  • Facebook healthcare content
  • Facebook content generation and scheduling
  • Social Media audits, strategy development and consulting
  • Social Media Policy creation and training (in-person or via webinar)

Meet Get Social Health – our social media partner. Janet Kennedy and Tonya Lane Rucker lead a team of social media specialists at Get Social Health, a healthcare social media consultancy. They specialize in consulting and content creation for hospitals, healthcare practices and professionals developing their online presence. You can follow them in Twitter @GetSocialHealth or listen to their podcast at www.getsocialhealth.com. For more information, contact Anvita at anvita@ehr20.com

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Janet Kennedy is the Host of the Get Social Health podcast featuring interviews with healthcare thought leaders, marketing and social media experts and practicing physicians. Janet is also the founder of Get Social Health Academy, a consultancy specializing in healthcare social media training programs, workshops and eLearning. Podcast link: http://www.getsocialhealth.com

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